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interchangeable key for xbox 2 elite


Product  name  interchangeable key for xbox 2 elite 
Model number JMX-XE211
Hardware platform   xbox 2 elite  controller
Materials powder metallurgical material+plastic



About this item:

Product List: 
-rocker *6+ round cross key *1+ cross key *1+ dial key *4+ screwdriver *1+ storage box *1  
-A variety of DIY key groups, and more personalized debugging procedures, easy for players to adjust the joystick speed, key position and so on, increase the personalized experience of the joystick 


- Made of high quality powder metallurgical material . Durable and not wear out easily.

- Replace the old and broken buttons with this new fresh exclusive buttons. Give your controller a new fresh look.

- Rubberised and metal material thumbsticks provide smooth action and substantial feel for gaming.

- Switch out the heads of the replacement (thumb sticks, d-pads, paddles) without having to take the controller back apart. No additional open tools required.

- Strong magnetic buttons. Sturdy and not easy to fall off. Compatible with Elite Series 2 controllers.