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PS5 Bluetooth programmable controller

Product  name  PS5 controller new mould                      
Model number JSG-P5001s
Hardware platform  ps5 console                                  
Materials finished product

About this item:

*PS5 Bluetooth programmable gamepad
*suitable  PS5 consoles;        
*The difference with the original is: L2 R2 has no vibration function, otherwise the same.             
* Bluetooth connection or data line connection,
* With touch pad function (transparent touch pad, game visible light bar).
* With headphone jack, built-in speaker function.
* Built-in 2, 4 pieces vibration motor.
*3D rocker, life up to 1 million times
*800mA lithium ion battery,
* Available in three colors: white, black, red, 
* Environmentally friendly ABS material.


PS5 programmable gamepad  PS5 programmable controller