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muscle tendon meridian dreging device

Product  name  muscle tendon meridian dreging device
Model number JTD- D001s
Hardware platform not applicable
Materials finished product

About this item:

Introduction and Usage

   Muscle and tendon meridan dreging device is a patented product designed according to the meridian theory of Traditional Chinese medicine

     Deep massage awakens muscle vitality, high frequency vibration, micro current conduction, suitable for sub-healthy people deep massage: It can help to reduce the stiffness of the muscle ache, relieve muscle fatigue PaiSuan, stimulate the skin and hair follicle nerve, in order to achieve the tianjin job, improve the body and blood stasis, dredge the body microcirculation, making the body metabolism environment and condition is changed, and then make a lot of chronic disease reversal and developed to the direction of rehabilitation, stimulate the sensory neurons after physical deep massage, So as to achieve the role of health.

Obviously different from the massage gun on the market:

* The massage head of the massage gun is too hard Do not apply to head or bone, which will damage the muscle tissue.

* This product adopts acupuncture and sucker shaped nerve conduction vibration head, advanced silica gel material, soft and skin-friendly, just like real person in massage, and faster than real person fast speed, large area, no need to find acupoints and meridions, vibration frequency 1800-3700 times/minute. N times faster than a massager. Is a professional massage therapist for modern families.

Product features:

1.Long press the switch key : stop work.

2.Short press: Toggle mode (Smart - Warm up - Relax - Acid drain - Physiotherapist - off. Cycle).

3.Startup default intelligent mode: speed between 1800-2500, optional mode: warm up 1800, relax 2100, acid discharge 2400, physiotherapy 2800, expert 3700.  

4. Operation mode: automatic stop after 10 minutes of intermittent loading.

5.Stop the machine when the battery indicator blinks red.

6.Amplitude: 12MM

7. Charger: Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.4a Output: 14V=0.8A

8.According to user's requirement, it can be disassembled and replaced with suitable nerve conduction vibration conduction head.


Safety Precautions:

1.The following contents must be understood before use, otherwise it may cause damage or danger!

2. It should not be used in or around the following sensitive areas: osteoporosis, eyes, teeth, heart, double kidney area, genitals, prosthetics, and parts with metal substances inside the body;

3. If the pain lasts for more than 5 seconds, please stop using immediately and consult a professional doctor.

This product is not a medical device and is not recommended for medical use.

4.The conducting vibration head of the suction cup should be used between clothes or towels.

5. Needle-punched conduction vibration head should directly contact skin to produce resonance effect;

6. For head dredging, Expert Mode is preferred, and other modes are not recommended:

7.when dredging the head physiotherapy can only use needle-like conduction vibration head, and can not press hard.

8.When dredging the head, it is recommended to use it under the guidance of a professional physiotherapist.